Stalker Radar's In-Car Video System with real-time video streaming, no DVR, and Cloud storage.

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Command & Control
Center Dashboard

arrowAccessible in real-time from any Internet connected computer

Video playback with synchronized tracking data

Plot vehicle positions and tracking using BING maps

Powerful statistical data tools


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  • CopTrax Command and Control Center. Access video in real-time from any internet connected computer
  • Software based CopTrax. Uses patrol vehicle laptop, no bulky DVR
CopTrax is the new ground-breaking police in-car video system from Stalker.
Law Enforcement professionals benefit from CopTrax's live GPS tracking, real-time streaming video, no bulky DVD recorder, and 3G/4G cellular connection to the department's server or
Cloud storage. CopTrax video is accessible in real-time from any Internet-connected computer. Its programmable automatic video triggers and powerful statistical tools give police
new tools for 21st Century law enforcement.
CopTrax saves lives, and careers
Live GPS tracking
CopTrax Live GPS tracking

Each connected vehicle or unit is tracked over a chosen time period capturing the route and speed. The tracking may then be played back, paused, or reversed.
Minimal hardware
No bulky DVR
CopTrax Live GPS tracking

As CopTrax is an integrated software solution, there is no need for bulky DVD Recorders. Only a camera, GPS antenna and small interface box. MORE>>
Automatic Upload to Cloud or server using 3G/4G
CopTrax Live GPS tracking

Video is securely uploaded automatically using 3G/4G cellular connection or wireless WiFi to your department server. MORE>>