The CopTrax Model S Body-Worn Camera.
Video evidence captured today protects
everyone tomorrow

A most effective body-worn camera available backed by Stalker Radar’s CopTrax in-car video system with a single start/stop button and “full shift” battery life.

High-definition video evidence and keep-it-simple operation make the CopTrax Body Worn Camera a straight-forward video solution. Plus, its other features: IR LEDs, still-photo mode, and audio-only, are available when needed.  Best of all, this camera can be implemented as a stand-alone system, or as a component of the CopTrax In-Car Video System.

  • One-button record start and stop
  • Automatic video dock uploads to:
    • In-house department server or
    • CJIS-Certified Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Up to 11 hours of recording time on a single charge
  • 128° field of view
  • Full 1080p HD recording capability
  • Pre-event and post-event recording
  • IP65 dust proof and water proof
  • 32Gb of storage for 17 hours of recording
  • Powerful Device Manager software
  • Covert mode

Powerful evidence handling features maintain ease of use
and functionality

Five different resolution settings let a department select the combination that best suits them. The 128° field of view captures a wider slice of the action without distorting the image.

Plus, its heavy-duty construction and IP65 rating mean it’s built to survive the bumps and bruises of everyday policing.

Resolution Frame Rate Recording Time
480p 720×480 30 fps 17 hours
720p 1280×720 30 fps 5.5 hours
720p 1280×720 60 fps 3.25 hours
Full HD 1080p 1920×1080 30 fps 2.5 hours

CopTrax BodyWorn Device Manager

The CopTrax Device Manager presents the same look and feel as the CopTrax In-Car System. Video evidence is uploaded through USB or docking station and can be classified, tagged, stored, archived, and distributed through a system that ensures security and maintains chain of custody.

The complete body-worn camera system

Optional Accessories

9-Camera Multi-Dock

The 9-bay docking station can simultaneously charge and upload data from 9 body cameras. Using a Windows computer, multiple docks can be connected for greater efficiency.

Vehicle Mounting Dock

A heavy-duty, adjustable RAM pedestal mount holds the dock for secure charging, upload, and access in the vehicle.

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