The Stalker Radar In-Car Video System, Internet based Command and Control Center | View live streaming video, GPS vehicle position and tracking | video playback

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Command & Control
Center Dashboard

Accessible in real-time from any Internet connected computer

Video playback with synchronized tracking data

Plot vehicle positions and tracking using BING maps

Powerful statistical data tools

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Command & Control Center
The Command & Control Center Dashboard - accessible from any internet-connected computer

Internet Connected
Command & Control Center

The CopTrax Command & Control Center is the gateway to live video feed from each patrol vehicle as well as CopTrax Mobile App-connected smartphones. Video evidence is either stored on the Cloud-based Windows Azure system or on your own “on premise” servers.

The Command & Control Center can be securely accessed from any Internet- connected computer - from headquarters, from the Patrol Commander's residence, from the shift supervisor's vehicle laptop, you get the picture.

That's right. Live video can be fed to the Command and Control Center, showing what officers in the field see. The “Live Look-In” feature is a unique CopTrax solution.

CopTrax Devices Screenshot

Devices Screen

In the Devices Screen, the location and status of all connected devices are shown. The user has the ability to view in road view, or aerial view in real time, as well as zoom in or zoom out at will.

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CopTrax Devices Screenshot

Tracking Screen

Each connected vehicle or unit is tracked over a chosen time period capturing the route and speed. The tracking may then be played back, paused, or reversed.

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CopTrax Devices Screenshot

Geocast Screen

Over a given time period, uploaded videos, or video viewed during Live Look-In™, are displayed showing date, duration and unit number.

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CopTrax Devices Screenshot

Live Look-In™ Screen

By selecting a unit from the Devices Screen, the user may view streaming video from the front camera as well as the tracking of the unit in either road or aerial view.

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CopTrax Devices Screenshot

Video Playback Screen

Full playback function (play, back, pause, slow, snapshot) with date, unit, trigger, GPS tracking. Video may be indexed and searched by keyword, date, and incident report.

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