Choose which CopTrax in-car video system
works best for you.


CopTrax has the smallest in-car video footprint, uses the patrol vehicle laptop for processing and automatic
video upload, and has the lowest cost of ownership. It remains the most advanced in-car video system on
the market today.

CopTrax II

The new CopTrax II has a powerful on-board computer for video processing and upload, redundant background recording, built-in battery backup, and on-board impact sensor. The most advanced in-car video system on the market today is now even better.

CopTrax CopTrax II
Video Resolution 640 x 480 standard definition 1280 x 720 in high definition
640 x 480 in standard definition
Camera Inputs 2 3 (2 standard + 1 optional)
Wireless microphones 1 2 (1 standard + 1 optional)
Impact Sensor No Yes
Backup Battery No Yes
Locking Connectors No Yes
Background Record / redundant record No Yes
Pre-event 30 seconds Configurable up to 2 minutes
Shutdown Timer 2 hours Configurable up to 4 hours
Record Method Records to laptop hard drive Records to DVR
Front camera FOV 78° 90°
Stalker BWC Support Yes Yes
IP camera support* No Yes
External monitor support* No Yes
Connection to PC USB Ethernet
Minimum Laptop Requirement Windows 7 – 64 Bit
i-5 Series processor
Windows 7 – 32 Bit
i-3 Series processor
(if used with laptop)
* future

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