Redaction in Action

Video and audio redaction directly from the CopTrax Command & Control Dashboard


The CopTrax Integrated Redaction tool is a quick and easy way to redact sensitive images and audio from video evidence, right from the CopTrax Command & Control Dashboard. Automatically detect faces in a crowd, then edit, merge, or delete with a few simple clicks, all while preserving the original evidence file.

Snip and manage video

The Snip tool is used for extracting videos, e.g. taking two minutes from a 10-minute video and allow that excerpt to be redacted and shared. To create a snippet, using the playback scrub bar choose a starting and ending point for your new video, then select Snip. All metadata and notes from the original video will be copied. Note: the original video is not altered.

Sharing a redacted video

After opening the redacted video, simply use the SHARE tab within the Dashboard video player to send a secure URL or burn to DVD. Or, generate a link and paste the generated text into an email.

Easily share redacted videos with the media or other outside
entities within minutes, all while retaining chain of custody. >>

For more information, please call 1-800-STALKER to request a free trial.

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