Stalker introduces CopTrax II™ second-generation real-time streaming in-car video system.

PLANO, Texas (April 25) – The world’s most advanced in-car video system is now even better.

Stalker recently introduced its second-generation CopTrax II real-time streaming in-car video system. The new CopTrax II builds on the original CopTrax automatic wireless file upload platform and integrates a powerful on-board computer video processor, and records separate redundant video as backup.

CopTrax II moves video processing tasks from the patrol vehicle’s laptop to CopTrax II’s own integrated computer. Doing this has the dual benefit of relieving the patrol vehicle laptop of some of its processing load, while shifting the processor-intensive video tasks into the CopTrax II standardized environment. Both systems are controlled through the vehicle laptop’s touch screen.

CopTrax II ensures that no video evidence is lost by automatically activating redundant background recording when the vehicle’s ignition is turned on. Running in the background, it captures up to 120 hours of video on a separate internal drive. When the main CopTrax video system records an event, both the event video and the redundant background video are saved.

In addition, CopTrax II includes a user configurable impact-sensing accelerometer with crash/pursuit settings, 1280×720 HD video recording, embedded WiFi, and 8 separate hardware triggers. A built-in battery backup maintains operation even if the vehicle’s battery is fully discharged. This allows an orderly system shutdown during an outage.

CopTrax II builds on original CopTrax’s ground-breaking live video streaming to any Internet-connected computer and its labor-saving automatic video file upload, even while on patrol. CopTrax II includes all of the functionality of the original, including:

  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • GPS synchronized video recording
  • Automatic recording initiated by user selectable triggers
  • Advanced video labeling by incident type
  • Video playback with mapping / tracking
  • Dual high-resolution video cameras
  • High-quality audio recording

The CopTrax system embeds geographic positioning data into the video stream.  Now, what the officer is seeing, hearing, and where they are seeing it is captured in real-time. Agencies have greater situational awareness, better asset coordination, and more accurate event recreation.

The CopTrax System’s Command and Control Center is accessible from any Internet connected computer – at the station, the Chief’s office, even a computer located at a residence.

The Command and Control Center and Case Management System include the following features:

  • Displays the location of all devices (MDTs and smartphones)
  • Searches and exports video by meta data
  • Plays back video with synchronized tracking data
  • Uses GPS tracking data for event reconstruction
  • Monitors geo-fenced areas and proximity markers
  • Automatically emails and texts alerts to officers and/or staff
  • Attaches documents to cases / incident reports
  • Generates crime maps

CopTrax is available through Stalker Radar’s network of Regional Sales Managers located in territories around the U.S. For more information, visit the CopTrax web site,

Founded in 1977, Applied Concepts, Inc., introduced the first Stalker Radar to the law enforcement industry in 1989. Stalker Radar is the dominant Doppler radar system and continues to lead the industry in technology breakthroughs and product innovations.