CopTrax Connect

The Model-B body worn camera designed for law enforcement now can receive automated wireless activation through configurable input triggers, such as the activation of the vehicle light bar or siren when paired with the new CopTrax Connect wireless interface module. This interface sends commands to up to four connected Model-B cameras, and is suitable for use in any vehicle or motorcycle.

CopTrax Connect works with, or without, a traditional in-car video system.

Protect your department, your officers, and their integrity

In-Car Video


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System Overview

CopTrax In-Car Video - HD Video evidence

High definition video

The CopTrax Police In-Car Video System now records in HD-quality video for sharp, clear video evidence in all types of lighting environments while recording speech and sounds with exceptional clarity.

State-of-the-art H.264 / H.265 video compression keeps video file sizes small.

CopTrax In-Car Video - automatic video upload

Automatic video upload

Video evidence is automatically uploaded through either 3G/4G cellular connection or wireless Wi-Fi, based on the fastest transfer available.

When a recording is stopped, the upload process begins  immediately without officer interaction.

Video segments are automatically indexed according to date, time, and event identification, and by officer identification, GPS data, vehicle identification, case number, and type of incident. Ethernet and manual USB uploads are also available.

CopTrax In-Car Video - 24 hour background recording

24-hour background recording

No Lost Video Evidence.

Redundant background recording ensures that no law enforcement video evidence is lost by activating automatically when the vehicle’s ignition is turned on. Running in the background, it captures up to 120 hours of video on a separate internal drive.

When the main CopTrax video system records an event, both the event video and the background video are saved.

Preset Triggers Launch Video.

Officers focus on the task at hand without worrying about recording.

The system fully integrates into the patrol vehicle and can be activated by up to 8 trigger events without officer interaction. Triggers include lightbar activation, siren, speed, and many more software setup presets. This way, officers do what they do best.


CopTrax In-Car Video - onboard computer

Powerful onboard computer

CopTrax ICV System moves video processing tasks from the patrol vehicle’s laptop to its own integrated computer. Doing this has the dual benefit of relieving the patrol vehicle laptop of some of its processing load, while shifting the processor-intensive video tasks into a standardized environment. The interface is controlled by an optional 7″ external monitor with multiple mounting options.
CopTrax In-Car Video - safe and secure evidence files

Evidence Files are Safe, Secure, and Department Owned.

Wireless, automatic upload maintains chain of custody by assuring the video evidence is untouched by human hands. Files can be uploaded to the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliant Microsoft Government Azure Cloud storage for 24/7 security, backup redundancy, and high-speed access.

Ownership of evidence files is never a question, and access is never controlled or conditional.

CopTrax In-Car Video - onboard crash sensor and battery backup

Onboard crash sensor and battery backup

The DVR has an integrated crash sensor which will automatically start a recorded event in the event of a sudden vehicle impact. The sensitivity of the crash sensor is configurable to match your area road conditions.

The built-in battery backup maintains operation even if the vehicle’s battery is fully discharged,  allowing an orderly system shutdown during the power outage.

CopTrax Features

Features of the CopTrax In-car video system

CopTrax has a powerful on-board computer for video processing and upload, redundant background recording, built-in battery backup, and on-board impact sensor. The most advanced in-car video system on the market today is now even better.

Video Resolution 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 in high definition
Camera Inputs 3 (2 standard + 1 optional)
Wireless microphones 2 (1 standard + 1 optional)
Impact Sensor Yes
Backup Battery Yes
Locking Connectors Yes
Background Record / redundant record Yes – up to 24 hours of background record
Pre-event Configurable up to 2 minutes
Shutdown Timer Configurable up to 4 hours
Record Method Records to solid state DVR – no moving parts
Front camera FOV 140° panoramic or 60° with 12X optical zoom (120X digital zoom)
Stalker Body Worn Camera Support Yes
IP camera support Yes
External monitor support Yes – 7" touchscreen
Connection to PC Ethernet
Minimum Laptop Requirement Windows 7/8/10 – 32 Bit4GB RAMi-3 Series processor(if used with laptop)


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