Body-Worn Camera

The CopTrax Model B Body Worn Camera

Full-shift battery life, built-in GPS, and wireless triggering

  •  Automated wireless triggering
  •  Built-in GPS
  •  12-hour, full-shift battery life
  •  Pre- and post-event recording
  •  140° field of view in 1080P HD
  •  Ruggedized construction meeting MIL-STD-810G

CopTrax let’s your officers focus on what’s most important, without having to worry about camera equipment activation.

The Model-B body worn camera can now receive automated wireless activation through configurable input triggers, such as the activation of the vehicle light bar or siren when paired with the new CopTrax Connect wireless interface module.

CopTrax Connect works with, or without, a traditional in-car video system.

The CopTrax Cloud – secure and seamless

At the end of the shift, just drop the camera into the 10-unit Multi-dock.

The Model B recharges while video evidence is automatically uploaded to CopTrax Cloud storage and managed using the CopTrax Command and Control Center Dashboard.

Through the Dashboard, files can be viewed, searched, tagged, sorted, and archived, along with video evidence from in-car, interview room, and other video sources. The CopTrax Cloud is the ultimate in security and control. Video evidence can also be downloaded to department computers or servers for local storage and processing.

The Model B is a complete BWC video system

The Model B records at three resolutions ranging from 480p to 1080p in a 140° field of view. As much as 17 hours of video can be recorded and stored. The personal magnetic holder stays put with super strong magnets, while the Vehicle dock recharges when away from the station. Mil-spec MIL-STD-810G construction means it’s built to survive the bumps and bruises of everyday policing.

Other features include:

  • Vibration, beep, and LED alerts
  • Stealth and photo mode
  • Configurable infrared emitters
  • Interfaces with CopTrax in-car system

Resolution Storage Capacity
480p 848×480 17 hours
720p 1280×720 5.5 hours
Full HD 1080p 1920×1080 2.5 hours

CopTrax Body Camera Online Player

The Model B’s dedicated evidence handler accepts video evidence through USB or the docking station. Videos can be classified, tagged, stored, archived, and distributed in an environment that ensures security and maintains chain of custody. With it, the CopTrax Cloud, and Multi-dock, the Model B is an outstanding standalone BWC system.

Built-in GPS Locator

A powerful 2-piece flexible magnetic holder. Holds camera securely, fast deployment, and will not damage your uniform.

A heavy-duty adjustable RAM pedestal mount holds the dock for secure charging, upload, and access in the vehicle. (Optional)

Simultaneously upload data and charge up to 10 cameras. Multiple docks may be connected to the same computer via USB. (Optional)

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