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CopTrax Redaction Tool Is Augmented by Artificial Intelligence,
Significantly Reducing Time-to-Redact

Richardson, Texas (Sep. 23) – Artificial Intelligence integrated into the CopTrax Command & Control Dashboard has ended the drudgery of manually redacting digital evidence. Now, redacting sensitive images and audio from video evidence is significantly reduced.

The CopTrax Redaction tool automatically detects, identifies, and tracks faces in a crowd, so that they can be edited, merged, or deleted, all while preserving the original evidence file, with a few simple clicks. It is available either as an integrated module to the CopTrax Dashboard or as a separate, stand-alone application.

CopTrax Artificial Intelligence automatically detects each different face or body where there are groups of people and lists each separately for easy editing. Duplicate redaction paths can be merged, and audio can be removed or toned over.

When only a short clip is needed, the CopTrax Snip tool saves even more time. The Snip tool is used to extract and redact a short video clip from a longer video. All metadata and notes from the original video are copied while leaving the original video unaltered.

Redacted videos can be shared through a secure URL, a cut-and-paste text link, or on a DVD, all from within the CopTrax Dashboard.

Interested law enforcement agencies can schedule a free, online demonstration of CopTrax Redaction by submitting a request form on the CopTrax website.

CopTrax is a product of Stalker Radar and is available through Stalker Radar’s network of Regional Sales Managers located in territories around the U.S. For more information, visit the CopTrax web site,

Founded in 1977, Applied Concepts, Inc., introduced the first Stalker Radar to the law enforcement industry in 1989. Stalker Radar is the dominant Doppler radar system and continues to lead the industry in technology breakthroughs and product innovations.


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Mark Brown

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