Evidence Management

Evidence Management using the CopTrax Command & Contol Center Dashboard

The CopTrax Command & Control Center Dashboard

The Command & Control Dashboard presents a real-time picture of patrol assets, their status, and their geographic position.

Evidence Management using the CopTrax Command & Control Center Dashboard

Live streaming video from the patrol vehicle

Each CopTrax equipped patrol vehicle feeds live video into the CopTrax System. That video is available in real-time through the Command & Control Dashboard accessed through any Internet-connected computer. Command staff can make decisions in real time while remotely watching events as they happen with no extra equipment required.

CopTrax In-Car Video - automatic video upload

Automated wireless file transfer

Video evidence is automatically uploaded to the Cloud or department server through either 3G/4G cellular connection or wireless Wi-Fi. Video segments are automatically indexed according to date, time, and event identification, and by officer identification, GPS data, vehicle identification, case number, and type of incident.

GeoFence monitoring and live text alerts

Use technology to respond to public inquiries and promote transparency. A perimeter around any area can be drawn using the Command & Control Center Dashboard’s simple tools. When the defined area is entered or exited by a CopTrax-enabled vehicle or device, text messages or e-mails are sent to designated individuals.

CopTrax video evidence secure in CJIS compliant cloud

Store evidence on your own in-house server or
the Microsoft CJIS Cloud

Maintain chain of custody with wireless, automatic upload that assures the video evidence is untouched by human hands. Files uploaded to the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliant Microsoft Government Azure Cloud are secure 24/7, with backup redundancy and high-speed access.

CopTrax Evidence Management - share video evidence through secure URL's

Share video evidence through secure URL's

Video evidence can be distributed through secure URLs instead of physical copies. Using the CopTrax Video Snip tool, relevant video clips can be selected, redacted, and distributed safely and securely – all from the Command & Control Dashboard. Metadata and notes from the original video are copied while leaving the original video unaltered.

Event reconstruction with GPS tracking

Event reconstruction through the CopTrax Command & Control Dashboard is more accurate thanks to GPS tracking of each CopTrax system. GPS data is used to precisely position assets in a map view that follows movements of vehicles and officers through the event. Sometimes, knowing who was where when makes a big difference.

Time-synch multiple video events on a single playback window

When recreating an event, multiple video sources can be synchronized and viewed in a single playback window through the CopTrax Command & Control Dashboard. This composite view provides context and often yields insights into the event that are not possible when video evidence is reviewed on a source-by-source basis.

Use your data for analysis and visualization

CopTrax Crime Mapping can help develop a bigger picture with visual data analysis.

Incident report metadata can be used to plot Crime Maps in any user-defined area. Gain a new perspective on activity in your area by categorizing and sorting on a variety of datapoints based on information collected at the time of offense.

CopTrax Evidence Management user-configurable controls

Video retention policies and overrides

No two departments have the same rules regarding digital evidence retention. CopTrax features flexible, user-configurable controls that govern when and how out-of-date video evidence is archived or discarded.

CopTrax Evidence Management - automatic archiving to network storage

Automatic archiving to network storage

To conserve valuable space on department servers or Cloud resources, CopTrax automatically archives unused video evidence to off-line network storage. Efficient use of data storage resources is a CopTrax priority.


Integrated video and audio redaction

Video and audio redaction is built into the CopTrax Command & Control Dashboard. Our advanced tracking algorithm automatically detects, identifies, and tracks faces in a crowd, all while preserving the original evidence file. 



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